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Giving A New Life to a Vintage Camper.

The Copper + Daisies Tiny Tap is a 1956 Cardinal travel trailer. The Tiny Tap has been renovated into the first mobile tap bar in the area making it as unique as it is beautiful.

The Tiny Tap is now ready to make North Dakota events a little more elegant and a 'tiny'

bit more fun! 

Tiny Tap

Mobile Tap Trailer


Making Dreams Come True

What started as a camping adventure, turned into a dream, a renovation and a 'tiny' party! I'm always dreaming up ways to make life a little more fun, and I hope my dream can help make your event everything you could have imagined, and a 'tiny' bit more!

Dani Bennett

Co-Founder & Creative

Turning a Vision into Reality

Learning every step of the way, we took our camping trailer and turned it into a Tiny Tap. With ups and downs in the renovation process we quickly learned that with hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

Garrett Bennett

Co-Founder & Renovation Expert

Man in White Suit
Festive Table Set
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