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Tiny Tap Rental

All of our events include one-on-one event coordination, set-up & break down of the trailer, use of the tap systems (up to 3 taps), 2 tap attendants, and liquor liability insurance coverage.

Each event is unique, and will require it's own custom quote. These are things that will not likely change : 


Tiny Tap Rental Includes

$600 Rental Fee

4-hour Trailer Rental

2 Tap Attendants

$400 Rental Fee - IN MINOT ONLY

2-hour Trailer Rental

2 Tap Attendants

Optional Add-Ons:

Photo Booth : $200

Glassware : $1/Guest (Minimum 50 guests). 

Additional Hours : $125/hr

Garnishes : Dependent on garnish, season and   event size. Ask to include in quote.

Drink Decor : Toppers, Stirrers, etc. Dependent on event size. Ask to include in quote.

Generator : $75


Additional Fees:

Mileage—$1 per mile more  than 30 miles beyond  58703


The Deets


We do not carry a liquor license. When booking the Tiny Tap for your event, you are required to purchase your alcohol separately. Don't worry, though, we will work with you and give you guidance to help you in the  purchasing of the kegs for your event!

Because of ND laws, we are not allowed to do a Cash Bar. 

The Tiny Tap can serve kegged beer, wine, bubbly, speciality cocktails as well as a variety of non-alcoholic options to please everyone at your event!

The Trailer

The Tiny Tap trailer is roughly 12 feet in length, 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width. Please be sure your location has enough room for our Tap to get in and out. We can move the trailer into place manually, if this is the case, please be sure to there is no incline or rough terrain. 

The tap (serving) window is on the DRIVER’S side of the car, so we recommend an additional 8-10 feet in front of the dispensing area for guests to wait in line and be served.​



We do require access to electricity within 100 ft. No power? No problem! We  can give you the option to add on a generator for the duration of your event in your custom quote!

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